I have had 9 chemo and 35 radiation treatments I have been finished with my last treatment for 2 1/2 months but i still cain't eat or swallow food has no taste and it's hard to swallow hurts very bad my throat seen's swollen I am still useing a feeding tube but the ensure i use makes me sick and gives me heartburns I dont seen to be geting any better and get very depressed at times. Any help please let me know.


  • timreichhart
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    about food tease
    it might take you little bit longer to recover from all this and getting ur food taste everybody is different how fast there taste recovers. When I had radiation everything teased like crap but after 4-5 weeks after radiation treatments was done I was able to tease most things but it took me about 2-3 months to get my full taste back. It might take you little bit longer. Try take some lemon juice or something sweet to see if your able to taste it and I know some very stuff still tease very sweet to me but I am still trying to get to that point.
  • Hondo
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    Hi Robert
    We are all different and all heal different, it can take anywhere from 2 months to a year before taste comes back. You may have stopped treatment 2 ½ months ago but the inside of your body will cook for a long while after treatment stops. Give it time my friend it will come back and you will be your new normal.

    All the best to you and welcome to the Family here on CSN
  • Skiffin16
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    Time Frames
    Like was mentioned already, everyone is different, you are a unique and separate individual...

    Hopefully you are just on the outter edges getting ready to turn that corner. Each of us have our own time frames for recovery, some fast some slow...but all are slow in reality.

    I know of several that have taken a very long time to to get their taste back (a year or more), some in a few months. Best thing to realize is that you are here and kicking, you'll get back to your new normal when your body is ready.

  • ekdennie
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    hey Robert77dr,
    I had 30 rad treatments and I lost a good amount of sense of taste. I finished in Mid Nov 2010. I still have some issues with swallowing certain foods and I can not really taste salty or sour food. I also had heartburn with ensure, but it wasn't as bad with boost. you can also ask your dr for a liquid antacid...that might help, since swallowing is difficult.
    I know it is hard to accept, but it really just takes time. I force myself to try a new food every other day...or to retry something that didn't work. I have found that sweet came back first for me, but it had to be with some form of dairy. like chocolate milk or cream cheese icing on a cake. it was a very very slow process and some days I get very angry that I am not able to just go out and eat what I want, but then I think about the things I am able to witness in my children and what I pray I will be able to see in the future...that reminds me why I had radiation and why I am struggling now, but I know deep inside myself that I will be okay in the end...I just have to figure out how to be more patient! :)
    wishing you good luck and here's a hug...we all need hugs sometimes!
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    Hi Robert,

    The taste thing just comes back when it does. Nothing to be done about that but depression can be helped. It's important to talk to your doc about it. No shame in being depressed after all you've been through. Like pain, it is not helpful to your recovery and needs to be handled medically. Don't wait. You can start feeling emotionally and mentally better tomorrow.