Gyno-Onco realeased me to Gyn & Primary

Saw my gyno-onco yesterday for my 6 wk f/u after 1/12/11 surgery & was released into the care of my gyn & primary. Said vaginal cuff healing fine. I lost 42 lbs. already (yippee), 10 of those were lost the week leading up to surgery. I really feel great, you can hardly see the 5 laproscopic holes. My sugar levels are averaging 102-120 without medication. I feel very lucky & blessed & thank everyone for their support & wish all of us prayers, blessings & continued healing. She said in 4 months have a pelvic w/reg gyn, then every 6 mos, then yrly. Call gyno-onco if I notice any strange symptoms in pelvic, legs, back, bladder/bowel or lungs. So, is the rule I have to go 5 yrs from Dx date of endometrial cancer 12/21/10 w/o a recurrence to know I am home free? Either way I am blessed. Wish everyone happiness.