update on surgery

Whew! No cancer dectected. Went for a PET scan in Feb, then in to see the Onc. The scan showed two areas of concern - one close to the ileostomy takedown and the other behind the cecum. Surgeon concerned even though my CEA was 2.5 and down from 3.5 in Nov. He was supposed to go in by laproscope, take a biopsy, wait for the results and then make a decision. Well, he could not find the spot behind the cecum so he took 10 inches of intestine and took another 10 where the ileostomy was. The staple had lit up and he was concerned with that. Then I got a free cavity wash! Seems as though the surgeon was concerned enough that something was lurking that he might as well clean it up while he was in. Path report in on Sat and no cancer detected!!! He said that he had seen this before and cancer had spread so he errored on the side of caution. I trust his judgement but was a bit angry that there was so much work done. I am two years out and apparently that was enough of a reason for him to do as much as he did. He told me that if it came back, 90% of the time it was in the first 2 years. Now that I am moving around a bit better and the drugs are wearing off I am feeling more like my old self. Skiing is over but biking season is right around the corner. So I am moving forward - until the next CT/PET - right?

Anyone had this experience?


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    So ?????
    There was no cancer detected when he went in but he took 20" total out of you and did a wash as well ? I don't understand that......

    At any rate I am very happy to see you in great spirits and to know that it is much much better than you thought originally.....Life sometimes is a little odd at what it doles out but the silver lining is still there for you....I am certainly happy with the "no cancer detected part".....That in itself is enough to be elated about...Good for you sweetheart....Now just recoup and rest...and maybe play with the idea of a second opinion...just thinkin out loud.......Love to you and yours..buzz
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    I am glad there was no
    I am glad there was no cancer detected, but I am sorry you went through so much to find out.
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    Hey soccermom. I missed this
    Hey soccermom. I missed this post earlier somehow. What an ordeal! I'm glad that you are recovering well and are in good spirits. I'm not sure how I would have reacted if my surgeon had done this. From a lap to missing 20 inches of bowel - That must have been a shock.
    My experience was different. My surgeon went in planning to take out a ton of stuff and anything else he didn't like the look of. I was glad to have a torso left after he was done.

    Gotta love a clean path report.

    Well done. Get ready for biking season.