Significance (or not) of colon polyps

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So, does the appearance of colon polyps after stage iv colon dx, surgery, chemos, mean anything? A "cluster" of polyps was found after colonoscopy on Wed, which were removed and sent to pathology. This cluster grew in a year. Surgeon said "It's not cancer", but how does he know??? I didn't know much about polyps until yesterday when I read up on them, but I could not find anything about polyps after dx. Just wondering if anyone has any knowledge on this or if I am just obsessing....

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    Dear Angela
    Of course you are concerned, who wouldn't be. But the only way to be 100% sure is to wait for the path results.

    I suspect the doctor is basing his opinion on what he sees. I think that 'regular' polyps have a different structure than those associated with cancer cells.

    I don't know that chemo would have any effect on 'regular' polyps, other than what is has on normal cells.

    Try to stay positive that everything is ok, until you find out for sure.


    Marie who loves kitties
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    Of course you are worried but don't borrow trouble and lose sleep over this. The surgeon said "its not cancer", take that and run with it. If the pathology shows otherwise, you can deal with it then.

    While I am not the one with cancer, when I had my colonoscopy the gastro doc did remove a polyp. She knew about George's cancer and made a point as soon as I was awake to tell me she removed a polyp and it was absolutely nothing to worry about, talked to me a bit about George's cancer, and sent me a copy of the pathology report with a personal note on it. She was right, it was nothing to worry about, she just removed it during colonoscopy.

    As far as the doc knowing it is not cancer, I assume the surgeon bases this opinion on experience and what he was looking at.

    Take care = Tina