PET scan yesterday.........

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Keeping my fingers crossed that it will come back clean.........

On another note..........Had my swallowing test last week and that did not go well at all...Thin liquids are it right now.......I couldn't even get a small barium tablet to go down......The muscle in that area is Radiation affected along with the nerves and it is not moving the food properly..........PT begins Wednesday but the Doctor said I might as well be prepared for some sort of repair surgery...... :o(

But...on a good note..........I have gained 7 pounds.........yea........


  • Misty2011
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    God bless you!!!

    God bless you!!!
  • Greg53
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    Misty2011 said:

    God bless you!!!

    God bless you!!!

    Positve Energy coming your way

    Hope everything gets better with your swallowing. Don't remember how far you are out from end of treaments but it takes time to get the swallow back. Hope you can get yours back without surgery. I went to a speech pathologist a couple months after treatmenst ended and the exercises she gave me helped a lot. Good to hear you're gaining weight back. I lost 60#. I've gained 22# back, but it took me 10 months. Still a skeeter-butt, but I'm at a lot healthier weight and I kinda like it.

    Positive energy and good mojo being sent your way for a clean PET!

  • Glenna M
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    Will be keeping my fingers crossed for a clean scan for you.

    Hoping that the PT will help and you can avoid the surgery. Either way it is encouraging that you have options.

    Stay strong,
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    You can usually request a copy and it's ready for you in a day or so in CD form with the report...usually easily enough read...something you may or maynot want to do...

    Congrats and Wishing for the Best.

    If by some chance it isn't the best results, a lot of times the first PET still has resdiual floating around...hoping you are a lucky one and you'll get the all clear.

  • Hal61
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    Fingers crossed
    Hi Crimson, sorry to hear you'll need some work to get the swallowing working. It's not uncommon, and there is good PT for it, so I hope it goes well for you.
    Waiting for results of the first or second PT--or any of them--is always tough. My three-month came back with slight radiance, but all three of my docs, med, ENT, and rads, said the three-month was not so reliable, as John said, because of risidual activity from treatment. I'm hoping you just come up clear, so you can concentrate on getting your muscles working. Hang in.

    best, Hal