Good night all.....may tomorrow

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bring peace and happiness in everything you do..May all your wishes and prayers come true. May all of you have the peace of mind to forget about all we go through and to have a great weekend in spite of what shadows us...May all of you grab every piece of sunshine thrown your way....and may the bird of paradise fly up your nose............

What ??? You all think I was really gonna be that mushy and leave it at that !!! Not a Chance....LOL.........Good Night CSN peeps........Love to all...........buzzour :)


  • elizabethgd
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    back at ya'
  • AnneCan
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    Hey Buzzour
    Are you a Canadian now? I noticed the "our" at the end of your name. I want to hear you talk, so I can decide if you can be a real Canadian or an honOURary one! Thanks for all the nice thoughts (I'll just pretend it ended before the bird of paradise flies up our noses. Good night to you too!
  • tootsie1
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    Stay out of my nose!
    Ick! I don't want anything flying up my nose! *L*