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I just bought smoe flaxssed today and was wondering if it is safe to use. I heard this has a laxative effect and wonder if I should take this as I have had a bowel resection. I read it has great health benefits and wonder if you ladies take it. I bought whole seed and will gring them up and start slow with some oatmeal. ...val


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    Flax seeds
    I eat fresh ground flax seed--about 1 tablespoon/day. It is supposed to be good for preventing breast cancer. I had a bowel resection and I don't think it bothers me.

    I think it is important to grind it yourself--the flaxseed oil can go rancid easily if you buy it already ground up. You don't have to keep the whole seeds refrigerated.

    There is one caution with flaxseed oil that I know of: people who are Native American (or have a lot of Native American heritage) should stay away from it--they don't process it properly. Those folks do better on fish oil.

    Hope that helps.