MetastatiC breast cancer

Great to find this website!
Hello every one, I have been looking through many site and I found this web site seem very interesting so I decided to share my story. A friend of mine have been diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. She had her mastectomy a few month ago, however her cancer is back and is spreading within her lymph nod . She has pain within her arm and legs. She is going through chemotherapy and is waiting for her results. If anybody had or is being treated with similar kind of cancer, I will be happy to hear to all your recommendations .
Thanks to all.


  • Marsha Mulvey
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    I'm sorry your friend is having such a hard time. Do you know if the cancer has spread to other organs or the bones, or was it just found in the lymph nodes? I do know that the chemo itself can cause many aches and pains - including in the arms and legs. Perhaps you could go with her to an appointment with her oncologist and learn more details on what to expect. If you do, don't be afraid to ask questions. There is still hope that she can fight and win this battle. Best wishes to both of you.