Heard some good things about Hexalan pill chemotherapy for ovarian cancer

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On another discussion group (by telephone), several ladies were on Hexalan, a chemotherapy pill, for ovarian cancer. Has anyone here used this particular chemotherapy? And, if you have, was it successful? I know the ladies on this discussion group, several of them were without evidence of disease for a year. Any information you can provide will be helpful. Thanks.


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    Hi. I don't have any firsthand knowledge about this, but it seems I've read some promising things about it.. maybe on inspire.com.
    I am thinking LPack (Libby?) was on this for awhile. Has anyone heard from Libby lately?
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    oops.. double post
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    I have heard of this pill as
    I have heard of this pill as well. A long term survivor (HelenStandsForHope) on the Inspire website made mention of it. Since she has done so well, I thought I'd bring it up to my mom's medical oncologist. He said that it does work well on ovarian cancer but is also very toxic. they used it a lot back in the 80's and 90's before they new what works best without hurting the patient too much. Maybe they have reworked the dosage or found other drugs to use with it so that it is easier on the body. A pill form of chemo would be nice!

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