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Hi everyone,

Has anyone ever tried hypnotherapy? The naturopath office near my home offers hypnotherapy and was just curious what you all thought about it.



  • pepebcn
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    Hypnosis? What for Sara?
    What are the results?
  • abrub
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    I'm using self-hypnosis for relaxation
    listening to an audio from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Integrative Medicine. At this point, it is just for relaxation, and it helps.
  • pete43lost_at_sea
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    have been doing it monthly for 3 months
    takes about 30 minutes.

    i go into a very deep relaxed state and i i guess my subconsious is being programmed
    to kill all the cancer cells.

    the hypnotherapist is experienced and my brother in law 's new girlfriend ad she does my treat for free.

    i have faith it helps, i listen to her relaxtion cd;s as well.

    my gp local doctor firmly believes in the power of the mind, he has seen it himself and encouraged me to continue.

    give it a try,