Question for Linda (clamryn) Not sure if I got it right, sorry

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Hi Linda, I read your note to Nancy I have a question for you. I, too, am on Avastin and what I'd like to know is what blood thinner are you on? Is it Coumadin? I was on Coumadin previously and since I've been on Avastin, the dr. told me I had to go on Fragmin, an injectable blood thinner. Have you experienced any problems being on the blood thinner and Avastin. I'd be interested in finding out because I'd rather go back on Coumadin than take these injectable blood thinners. Thanks.


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    Blood Thinner
    The prescription was for Coumadin but I am on the generic Warfarin. I think I previously said it was 5 mg but I just got out my prescription bottle and it is 1 mg. I have been taking it since February 2010 when I got my port put in. So far so good. My doctor didn't say anything about changing to Fragmin since I am on the Avastin. I will go for another treatment not next week but the week following and I will ask him about the Fragmin.
    Keep me posted on how you are doing and what you decide.