thankyou all

Morning all, thank you again for your replies, in this very difficult time for my husband and I it always makes this journey so much easier for us both, we still have load of hurdles ahead for us, ct and colonoscopy in April after the last cycle of chemo, but like you all out there keeping our fingers crossed.


  • pepebcn
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    I will keep it crossed for you!
  • Buzzard
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    pepebcn said:

    I will keep it crossed for you!

    I don't believe in luck..........but I do think that the two...
    of you will be fine...keep the head down and push on through this and you will be done soon...Celebrate all of the smallest of victories along the way, after all thats what we do all of this for.....and most of all..positive thoughts at all times...Love to you both, buzz