Blood test for Ferritin level

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My Ferritin level in my blood was above normal. Normal is 13.0 - 150.0, mine is 342.8. My doctor told me cancer caused inflammation in my body and this is why ferritin level went up and theres nothing we can do about it! But I read online: high level of ferritin in blood can damage organs like liver and heart!? ( does anyone know or have this condition or problem ?)


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    The meaning of high ferritin level
    There are different reasons for the high ferritin level. One reason is from too much iron in the blood--that is usually an inherited problem (called hemachromatosis). The high amount of iron does the damage to the liver, etc.

    However, as your doctor says that your high ferritin level is from inflammation due to your diagnosis, then you might want to try thinking like this: Inflammation is your body's attempt to heal itself. No one seems to appreciate that inflammation is a HEALING REACTION.

    Unfortunately, too much inflammation is a problem also. It might be a good idea to look into an "anti-inflammation diet" (by searching the Internet) and see if your doctor is OK with you taking that approach.

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    ferritin levels
    My Dad has this condition. They have run every test in the book over the last year and they cannot figure out why his is so high. He was getting his blood tested monthly, told not to eat red meat which is kind of funny because he hasn't in years. Dad's levels at their highest were 900+.
    Dad feels unwell sometimes but that could be from worrying about my mom...
    My daughter has the opposite problem. She just turned 15 and her levels were 6 in December. She has been taking iron twice daily and she gets her levels tested again next month. I am hoping it's improved but i don't think it has because she has the same symptoms.