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My husband had his first encounter with encephalopathy over the weekend. Wow!! I was not prepared for how quickly this can happen. I knew he wasn't doing very well that morning but with in a few hours he was almost nonresponsive. Ended up calling 911 and not too long after he was at the er the doctor came in and said he's to sick to stay here. He was then transferred to another hospital and admitted he was there from Saturday evening until late Monday. He is now on 2 additional medications. It was very scary to see him feeling not so well to non responsive to almost a coma state in just a few hours. He did respond to the medication very quickly the doctor said some lay for days before they improve. He still doesn't look well and isn't feeling very good but much better than he was. I was not prepared for this. He was confused and combative before we got him to the hospital. I'm glad this didn't happen to him at work. He has had to go on short term disability for the time being.


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    Hope he will get better
    Hope he will get better soon.
    My best wishes for both of you!!