Cancer spread to Pancreas, questions...

Hi, i had no idea that Pancreatic cancer was considered a rare cancer, I think that scares me more now. Anyway, my Mom was diagnosed in October 2010 with Colon cancer that had spread to the Liver, stomach and rectum. They had been trying everything possible to stop it, but about two weeks ago 3 "fingers" spread into her pancreas about 2cm's. They are growing very rapidly; about 1/2cm per "finger" in a week. That's a lot when the pancreas is only 17cm's long right? The doctor was very nice, but told her that this was inoperable and she needed to get her affairs in order; i'm freaking out a lot. My mom is only 49, that's still so young to me. She's in a lot of pain right now, even though the doctor has her on Oxicotton and Morphine. Is she close to the end, i don't know how to handle all this... I don't know what I can do to help, she can barely eat anything because it just causes more pain. I don't know what to expect, she's having a hard time sleeping. It's not about me and my pain is nothing compaired to hers, but I can't quit crying and i'm trying to be strong for her. She just tells me that the hardest part would be leaving us. I had no one to vent to who would understand and I thought maybe you guys would have some answers. I've tried to be very positive for her and we joke around when i shave her head but it's getting harder and harder and I just can't find that silver lining anymore. Are there things she can eat or drink that would be easier on her and not cause her so much pain? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all,