our recent scare...

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Hi all,
My name is Jason and i am a grandson of a cancer survivor. We recently found out that my grandmother was diagnosed with stage IV liver cancer. She has about 30% of her liver left and the rest has been completely covered in cancer. She is 77 years of age and is still full of life, love and hope. Growing up my grandma was my mother and has taken care of me since a young age. She has had her fair share of up hill battles ever since she has had a quad bypass as well as beating cervical/breast cancer. Ive a firm believer on you are on what you eat and that Dr Max Gerson is a genius. I've shown plenty of movies and shared books to my family members and my view points on prolonging her life with the gerson therapy seem to get shun upon. I honestly wanted to start up this acct. so i can ask fellow patients some questions so i am prepared for whats to come since i will be the one that will mainly be taking care of her. As for the pain what do you for the pain? are you taking pain pills or a natural remedy. how about juicing? do you like juice? if so what are your favorite recipes. how about feet and stomach swelling? is that normal because of the liver working on overdrive. how about supplements like flax seed, cranberry pills or even some other type of powder mixes that help get some of that good stuff back in our bodies, any info is appreciated best of luck to all that are fighting and lots of hugs to everyone that reads this.