The Doctor didn't say it was going to hurt this bad!

Loal had all of his lymph nodes removed on right side yesterday. The 1-2 hour procedure was 4.5 hours. Nodes wrapped around scar tissue from the cyst removal in Oct. Had to take some of his muscle out. He can't feel his ear. Doctor said it'll always be numb. He is having trouble with his tongue and talking. Well, last night wasn't fun for him. I came home to check on our 17 year old. Hospital 1.5 hours away. I hope he feels better soon. Still haven't found any cancer but in the cyst that was taken. Hope they need to radiate just that spot. Biopsy results soon. Who would have known all this 5 months ago, like all of you sages say, "it's a new normal."


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    Yes it does hurt
    I had bilateral neck dissection one year ago March. My ears are still numb but I have sensation same with my neck. You kinda get used to it but not really. I feel like I have a tight turtle neck shirt on. I'm constantly feeling around my neck thinking something is touching my neck. It does get better but never the same. I also had a tumor removed from base of tongue along with margins around the tumor. I have trouble eating it seems like I have some muscle atrophy around the soft palate area. Just saw my Oncologist today and wants me to see speech therapist again for neck stimulation. My surgeon also hit a nerve on the right side of my neck and I have stinging pain on my right ear that goes down my right arm. I lost use of part of my arm. They don't ever tell you the whole truth and nothing but the truth!!!!!
    blessings debbie
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    Hi Liz
    I was in the room when my Daughter was having her first baby, she like my wife goes into excel labor and from the first labor pain to the last is only about 3 ½ hours and the baby is here. The pain is like really bad because the contractions are one upon another and she was having some very bad ones looking at the doctor and saying how much longer the pain? About that time I did what any good father would do, I leaned over and said about 20 years or so depending on how soon they leave your house.

    Your post just made me think when I was going through treatment my Son was only 17, how the time fly’s. Wishing you and Loal all the best.

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    Hi, I had a neck dissection last October.
    Hi, I had a neck dissection last October. I have numbness in my neck and pain. The constant tightness. I have pain in my shoulder and arm but not sure if it is from the surgery or not. He will feel better, time does heal for sure. It takes some getting used to the new normal. I can't feel the left side of my tongue and I keep chewing on it! It actually hurt back not at the surface just deep inside my tongue. Just lots of new things to learn, like how not to eat my tongue. Good Luck, Shelly