Iron levels on low acidity diet and mum's upsc update

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Hi all,

Just wondering how you ladies go about getting enough iron when you are on the low acidity diet (i.e. no meat etc)? My mum and I are both doing the alkaline diet and I was told by a previous cancer patient that their levels dropped so low they had to start eating red meat again - which is very acidic!!!

Also as an update mum's treatments for UPSC stage IIIC are going well. Her CA125 dropped from 100 to 75 after the first treament. We will find out how the second one has gone next week. She looks beautiful bald :-)

One confusing thing is that it was apparently 10 before treatment - how is that possible? I might ask her chemo guy.

Thanks :-)



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    Maintaining iron levels
    Hi Tali,
    Your mum is fortunate to have such a caring daughter. Good to hear that her treatments are going well for her.
    I was diagnosed with endometriod carcinoma stage 1B, grade 2 with 50% invasion of myometrium in December 2010. Had staging during surgery for removal of uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes but not lymph nodes.
    I am not a meat eater and have been on alkaline diet for many years due to fibromyalgia. I eat eggs, fish, beans and lentils, almonds and pecans and snack on prunes (yum). Do not have sugar, no processed or preserved foods. Mainly fresh and some raw. Juice daily (carrot and apple). I have high protein cereal (quinoa) for breakfast with lowfat yoghurt, flaxmeal and papaya. I take Spirulina, fish oil capsules, mega B, Zinc, and D3.
    I have low serum iron level but normal range Hb. My doctor just monitors. It is good to be well informed about high sources of iron rich foods other than meat, if you go down this path. Read a lot and even talk to a dietitian.
    Take care of yourself as well,
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    Have some raisins
    They are alkaline and provide some iron.

    it appears that cucumbers are among the most alkaline veggies.
    Egg whites are alkaline, the yolks acidic.
    Ripe bananas acidic, unripe-ish alklaline. At one point i had gotten those backwards.