I'm new with a port and have a question

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Last year I finally gave in and decided to get a port at my local hospital. For years, I didn't want one but my veins couldn't take it anymore. I like my port but have a question. Has anyone had any problems with their ports tilting, as the nurse told me, mine was "tilted". I told her that I thought it happened in January when one of the chemo nurses was extremely rough when accessing the port. But the nurse said no that couldn't have happened. My port seemed fine until that day. I don't know if it was the end of her shift or what, but it was a really bad experience. When she put the needle in the port, and started to draw the blood out, she was actually pulling on my port so much that I thought it was going to come out of my skin.


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    Hi, Antcat,
    I think I would certainly ask your doctor, and have him examine your port. I'm not sure how durable (or how much they can take). And do you have numbing cream? I put mine on an hour before use, and it makes a world of difference.

    Good Luck~~
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    I agree. I would call your
    I agree. I would call your doctor and have them check it out. I have had my port for a couple of years and have had no problems.
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    They can check the placement
    They can check the placement of the port with a simple x-ray. I think it's worth asking about.

    My port never "tilted", but my first one did erode thru my skin. (Think Signorney Weaver in "Alien".) It was not placed deep enough in the first place. I had to have it removed and another one placed, on the opposite side of my chest. Actually, it was my choice - new port or no new port. I had 3 or 4 maintenance treatments left and could have done them IV, but I decided not to gamble with my veins.