HIPEC costs

First post on here, so bear with me.
I live with my partner of 10 years in Surrey, England, he is a 33yr old african american who was diagnosed with colon cancer in Aug 2009.
Since then he has had the colon resected to remove the primary tumour (sucessful), 6 rounds of chemo, followed by a liver resection. liver mets were found at the time of diagnosis. Excellent recovery from both and all goind well with normal CEA level.
Another round of chemo, post liver op and still appeared good, however scan showed single lesion in liver. 6 more chemo (18 total) did not resolve and now few more in Liver and small spread to peritoneal cavity.
Throughout, weight maintaned, appetite good.
Now started a drug trial at a famous cancer hospital here in the UK.
Now I have read about HIPEC and I have questions I am hoping that someone will help me with.
1. Can it be done where it is in the cavity and liver?
2. Any idea of the cost, we are covered by the much maligned british health service so do not have insurance. I should state that it is not perfect but we have been treated well.
3. Where is best to go to?


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    HIPEC is done immediately after the surgery. This way the patient is not put under a second time. Look at University of California San Diego. They have a team of 5 doctors that write a lot of papers on HIPEC and have good success.

    HIPEC is controversial. Are these doctors successful with the treatment because of the treatment? or Are they successful because they are great surgeons?

    If I was in need of another cancer surgery I would consider HIPEC.

    Best Always, mike
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    Cost of HIPEC treatment
    I have just come across HIPEC treatment by googling to see of there was anything else that could be done for my friend who has just finished having chemo on secondary tumours in the lining of her stomach she originally had a stage 4 tumour in the bowel and the doctors have told her that the chemo treatment was pallative only, and that it wouldnt remove the tumour, I know its a shot in the dark, but how much would this treatment cost? and would it remove the cancer completely.
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    I have a question ...
    Hi Gary - sorry I can't answer your questions about HIPEC but I do have a couple of questions:

    - how many lesions did your partner have in the liver at the time of diagnosis?
    - was he ever treated with Avastin prior to and/or after his liver resection?
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    peritoneal secondry cancer
    Hi, my husband is having chemo at the moment, had had 2 rounds and 2 to go, we have been told it is to control ascites only, and not cure for the cancer, my husband is only 54, so its very hard to take in. He is coping with second line chemo, but so scared of what the future holds.
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    May not respond to questions
    The author of this thread may not respond to your questions as his partner passed away in July 2011.

    You can always start a new thread.
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    sorry double post