Indolent B cell Non hodgkins Lymphoma around kidney

I just signed on & am asking if anyone else has a lymphoma site around the kidney. I am Stage 1EA & am otherwise very healthy at age 57. I am in a watch & wait mode and would love to treat this if there was a high likelihood for cure, which I hear there isn't. Radiation to my kidney would cause significant kidney damage. Stanford recommended that I watch & wait & to avoid kidney damage. I have not been able to find any resources about this type of lymphoma. Would love to hear from you.
Mahalo ( I live in Hawaii)


  • dixiegirl
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    Welcome to the site, sorry you have to be here. My NHL isn't anywhere near my kidney so I can't relate to that...however I have done the watch and wait thing. It's really hard to sit back and do nothing while you know there is cancer in your body.

    Just know that lymphoma is very treatable even if it is indolent and a cure is unlikely. You never know. Science is making huge strides and we are very lucky they are doing wonderful things.

    Take care, and it's nice to meet you.