Was wondering if anyone could tell me how long the occasional pain from surgery last. I have been getting some slight pain in my lower left side which obviously is where my colon surgery was. Of course my mind likes to run wild and assume the worst that the cancer is back in the colon but I know it could be so many things and even just scar tissue. I am currently doing a para cleanse and I am wondering if that might have something to do with it. I am having a colonoscopy on Wednesday so at least then I will know if it has anything to do with the colon but I was just wondering what others feel from time to time.



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    My surgery was in Nov. of 2007, and I have had chronic pain since then. I don't think that's typical, but it's the way it is. I have had IBS for many years, so that's part of the problem, and part of it is from where the colon was resected. I have sort of spasmodic colon funcion and a tendency to have obstructions (none that wouldn't resolve without surgery).

    Believe me, it sometimes makes me scared, because I think IT is showing its ugly face again. But I've been scanned and tested, and everything has been fine. I feel like you will be fine, too!