Rash from Doxil

jean b
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I have received 3 doses of Doxil. I was warned of a rash that could appear on my feet, hands or sores in my mouth. So far I have had none of these but I have a terrible (sunburn like) rash under my arms, under my breasts, and now on the trunk of my body and around my waist. I wore loose fitting clothing as I was told for a number of days after chemo. The only thing the doctor has been able to give me is a prescription strenth Eucerin cream which I may use twice a day. Does anyone else have this problem or know of any other treatment for the rash.


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    I had a rash one time
    The chemo nurse told me to use over the counter Benadryl cream after a shower (not hot)and it worked for me. Hope this helps.
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    I had similar rash from
    I had similar rash from Doxil - but after second round Dr changed chemos as he thought this would just get worse with ea round and he would have to delay infusions. It resolved with no treatment but was quite uncomfortable as skin broke down in areas like it had blistered. I am sorry I have no treatment recommendation. Hope thse creams help.
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    Hi, Jean. You're lucky you only get the rash under your arms. I got the hand and foot syndrom, mouth sores and the rash. Learned how to deal with all of it though. I found I couldn't wear anything tight at all during the whole chemo time. I found that for me, if I took the ice and wrappped it in a cloth so it wouldn"t freeze me to pieces and put it on the rash under my arms, mostly, that really helped too. I didn't waer a bra the whole time. Hoope this will give you a little relief. Hang in there, Doxil can be very good. Patty
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    Mine were more
    like hives and not on my hands or feet. on my abdominal trunk area.
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    jloe said:

    Mine were more
    like hives and not on my hands or feet. on my abdominal trunk area.

    Doxil Rash
    I think Nancy said she'd used Eucerin Aquaphor lotion for a Doxil-related rash. Eucerin also makes a lotion called Calming Itch-Relief Treatment.

    During the last 2 weeks, my doctor prescribed Biafine ointment for my hands when hand-foot syndrome appeared, and oral steroids for the 7 days after infusion.

    Here's more info from the Doxil website.

    --Wear loose clothing and avoid tight items like restrictive belts, jewelry, undergarments, knee-highs, socks, spandex, or panty hose
    --Wash your skin gently and avoid rough or abrasive washcloths or shower mitts
    --Use mild soaps
    --Pat your skin gently with a soft towel after bathing; do not rub

    --Contact with anything hot, including hot water or steam (for example, avoid washing the dishes by hand; avoid whirlpool baths, spas, or heated pools)
    --Performing repetitive or friction-causing activities such as typing, mowing the lawn, vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, or mopping
    --Aerobics, power walking, or other excessive physical activity
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    had some open sores
    .I am oncaro/taxol and i broke out in little pinpoint sores that scabbed over. My chemo nurse told me it could be from my meds, so i only took a few but still broke out. Also my tongue burns a little and hurts at times. I used palmers cocoa butter lotion for a while until healed.