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Hi everyone,

Sorry we have to meet this way, but I'm looking to the experts for some advise and information. In August 2010 I had surgery for possible Ovarian Cancer. They did a complete hysterectomy and found that I had a very large, basketball size (per the surgeon) fibroid tumor. The name of the fibroid was clear cell adeno fibroma. At that time the doctors did xrays, contrast CT and blood work. Beside everything showing this huge fibroid and my ca125 level being 216 everything else was fine. They checked the liver, gall bladder, etc.

But now I have been suffering with nasaua, bloating, horrible taste in my mouth, gas and I have a constant pain under my right rib cage. So I went to my doctor and he thought it was my gall bladder acting up. We did an ultra sound on 2/15, and on 2/16 my doctor called me to ask that I come into his office asap. I just about flew down to his office. He sat down in front of me and told me my gall bladder was fine, but he had bad and concerning information for me. My liver on the right lobe has a mass the size of a tennis ball and he wants me to go to a hematology/onocology doctor asap. I told him he was scaring me and he said I need to be scared and that I shouldnt delay seeing the doctor. So this coming Thursday 2/24 I am having a consultation with Dr Robert Lemon who is located in Utah.

I know at this point no one really knows what is going on and I will have some answers shortly but what do you think? What is involved in a biopsy? Does it hurt? Does this sound like anything any of you have had? Im looking for input to help get thru the next few days. Im staying positive and determined regarding all of this. But every once in a while I begin to shake with fear and a few tears do fall.

Thank you for your assistance and insight, I will keep you posted on how things go. Thank you again, Cathy


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    biopsy can be painful but
    biopsy can be painful but they usually give medication prior. My best advice to you although hard is to take it one step at a time! Easy to say but looking back at everything my dad has gone through it truely is all you can do! God luck keep us posted.