anyone have cryosurgery?

I am new here and looking for some info I cant seem to find on the web. My Father was diagnosed 3 years ago and had cryosurgery. Yesterday he found out his PSA is back up to 5.3. Which is where it was when he initally had the surgery. He is going in for a biopsy on March 3rd. I am trying to find out the recurrence rate of cryosurgery. Thank you for any information. :)

Worried Daughter.


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    I think the recurrence rate depends on what type of cryosurgery your father had. If he had focal surgery (less than the whole gland) then there is a higher recurrence rate than if the entire gland was treated.

    A couple of web articles you may wish to read:

    Good luck to both you and your father. As far as I know, they may be able use cryro for a recurrence if it is still within the prostate.

    A lot depends on the age of your father, his lifestyle choices and quality of life.

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    The doctor who treated him is the best to consult
    Hi Daughter

    Do not be worried. There are many guys with similar recurrence cases. There are established protocols for salvage treatments if he has failed on his first attempt. An advantage of cryosurgery is that it can be repeated, meaning that your father can have additional salvage cryotherapy if his doctor sees it proper.
    The progression of cancer is diagnosed through PSA but the Gleason score will give a better indication of his present status in terms of risk classification. The doctor who treated him is the best to consult on the matter.

    The majority of abstracts on Cryosurgery are related to the treatment as a salvage for radiotherapy. As a prime treatment you can find information here; “A Patient’s Guide to Cryosurgery for Prostate Cancer”. Just paste this address;
    Another site with general information;

    You can also get this book from Amazon; “Percutaneous Prostate Cryoablation” by Gary Onik.

    Wishing you the best.