MAGGIE: had to let you know that Avastin/Cytoxin is almost like a chemo break!

Maggie: I know how much you DREAD being on chemo. So I wanted to let you know that the Avastin/Cytoxin I've been on the last 2 weeks has been almost like being on a chemo break. I feel GREAT! I can't even tell I'm getting chemo. I've only had 2 Avastin infusions and take a 50 mg Cytoxin pill daily and so far NO side effects. Maybe you can throw that combo out to your oncologist as a possibility if your Magace/Tamoxifen doesn't do the trick. (((Maggie)))


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    glad to hear!!
    Now maybe you can get some hair on that head of yours. Enjoy time with your son!!
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    that is such great news to hear that the avastin/cytoxin is like not having chemo! and no side effects!! you're such a sweetheart for letting me know this. i had an assay done a couple of months ago, and there are several chemo combinations that look like they'll be effective, so i'm sure my doctor will want to try one of those first. i do wonder about adding avastin, however, and will ask her about it. i don't think the megace/tomoxifen is doing much, but won't know for sure until i have another ca 125 towards the end of the month.

    then, it's really likely i'll have chemo, which you're right, i dread. still if it's going the make the difference, there's no question that i'll do it. it's just that i really do have many of the side effects, even with everything they give you to counteract them. with the carbo/taxol, i had one fair week, one difficult week and one good week...... since i have no information re: what chemo yet, how frequent, how long, i have lots of questions. i like the idea of having a chemo more frequently at less strength, makes sense to me, so i'll inquire re: that. my doctor is pretty open minded, so she may go for it if there aren't compelling reasons why not. i can't have any chemo with neuropathy as an effect, because i still have residual neuropathy in my finger tips and toes, which is easy to live with the way it is now, but wouldn't want to have any more! what is good, is that i do seem to respond better than the doctors thought i would to chemo, so it's a double-edged sword, of course.

    mostly, what i'm hoping for now is that the avastin/cytoxin is making an impact, and that you'll be in remission again. we have a chronic disease that can be treated indefinitely, for years, so that's our plan, girlfriend.

    thanx again for your post.

    hugs and sisterhood,
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    Linda I am so glad you feel so good
    It is great news that you are tolerating the Avastin and Cytoxin so well. I'll just continue to pray that it is working for you, and your body continues to tolerate it. I hope you are getting packed for the trip with your son. I hope you feel great for the trip. Go and enjoy. In peace and caring.
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    Great news this protocol has little to no side effects
    Keep up the good work !

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    Great news this protocol has little to no side effects
    Keep up the good work !


    Good for you!
    Last chemo regimen I took avastin and doxil and did well. Of course I fight neuropathy pain with medication and exercise. After I finished 8 of this regimen I took twomore avastin at high doses. My blood pressure shot up and I didn't feel like me! I won't tell you what my blood pressure was as the ER doctor wanted to admit me. I am on medication for this and it works. But I am on chemo break now for my body to fight. I am enjoying every day of remission. So check your blood pressure often as you go on with this medication. It's so wonderful to take something that is easier to take.