Fiance` has cervical cancer.. Help please

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Hey everyone, this is a new thing for me i guess.. I am in love and just found out tonight that my fiance` has cervical cancer. She is scared and so am I, I want to be strong for her and tell her all will be ok. Is this true? I mean the only cancer I have ever known is my friend who died of lukiema, and my close close aunt that died of breast cancer.. All I know is I hear the word cancer come out of the mouth from the woman I love and I am scared to loose her.. Now I understand that there are treatments and helps for this. So I guess I just have a few questions..
1)The doctor said this is stage one probably, what does that mean?
2)How can I support her?
3)We believe in no sex before married but had one night of "love" and have had sex once, am I in any danger? Should I get checked? She was my first, I was not her's. (Which is completely fine)
4)could she have contracted this from someone else? if so, would it be in his best intrest if we let him know what happened?

and finally,

5)we just found this out tonight, I told her everything is going to be ok but now that I am at home... Truth is i am very worried for her, but i want her to feel like i am strong for her.. So a. am I over reacting since it may only be stage one? and b. how can I support her the most?

Thanks to anyone who took the time to read this novel i just wrote.. haha, I guess I have had some terrible experience with cancer and seen it take a life 2 out of 2 times. So any info you guys have would be soooo much appreciated. thanks.


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    Firstly I'm very sorry to hear about your fiance BUT cervical cancer especially if it is stage 1 is VERY different to ovca and much more treatable as long as it is contained. She MAY even not have to go thru chemo. Do u know when surgery is scheduled?
    With regard to u being checked out I would say that cancer is NOT contagious however, certain types of cervical cancer are caused by the HPV virus via intercourse but I don't know if this can affect men so its probably worth asking the question.
    Finally cancer is NOT the death sentence it used to be, there r many treatments out there so my advice to u would be stay positive, be supportive, and research. Ask the docs as many questions as u can and don't feel fobbed off, get a 2nd opinion if u need to.
    I hope everything works out and that the 2 of u have a long happy life together.
    Keep us informed
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    Cervical cancer is not
    Cervical cancer is not contagious. The HPV virus, which is responsible for some forms of Cervical Cancer, is contagious, but though men are carriers, they cannot develop cancer from the virus. My daughter-in-law had cervical cancer at age 26. She did have to have a hysterectomy, in the end, but it was a decision made easier because she had two children. She is now 40 years old, by the way, and doing fine. No cancer. Your fiancee may not have to have such drastic treatment. My daughter-in-law's doctor first tried something called a LEEP procedure, but it was not successful. I don't remember what stage her cancer was, but it was early. She did not have to have chemo or radiation.

    I hope everything goes well for the two of you. Cancer does not always kill. There are many millions of cancer survivors. Early detection is the key, and it sounds like your fiancee is in that catagory.

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    Your post has made me cry.
    Your post has made me cry. Your fiance is so lucky to have such a kind and caring boyfriend. I agree with everything the other ladies have said. Just be there for her as she will be feeling scared. Tell her that you love her and be by her side when she goes to the doctors for appointments and tests if you can. That will help her more than anything.

    Tina xx
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    I had cervical cancer

    I had cervical cancer stage 1 in the 1980's (can't remember the exact year) and I had laser treatment. I did have to have (and still do) yearly check ups with my gyno.
    I am sure your fiance will be fine.