Detectable PSA 13 months after RK

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Short History:
PSA jumped to 16.9 from previous test of about 6.
Oct. 2009 biopsies showed cancer in one section of 1 of 12 samples. Previous biopsy showed nothing about March 2008.
RP Thanksgiving of 2009, Gleason upgraded to 9 from 8 after surgery, was in the margins. Had pulmonary embolismims in both lungs about a week home from surgery.
Radiation treatments Spring, 2010; 37 in total focusing on prostate bed.
PSA tests from after surgery showed non-detectable levels until 01-31-11 when it went to 0.04.

Currently waiting for next PSA test in two weeks. Not exactly a happy camper now, hopefully it was just a bad test. If additional treatment is needed, I hope to kick the disease in its ****.

Need a place to vent etc.



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    Welcome to the forum. It's a great place to vent. 0.04 is still a very low reading. Hopefully it stays that way.

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    Detectable PSA 13 months after RK
    Hey Craig,

    Welcome to the forum.

    My dad faced a similar situation after his radiation therapy completed. His PSA score went up from undetectable to 0.5 about a year or so after. Then it fluctuated between that and 2 for about ten years. During those ten years he didn't take anything, no HT, nothing. We were just watching it very closely.
    Last summer it jumped to 3 and then to 6 last month. Now he started HT and with some luck and good treatment we can kick this cancer's **** for another round of a few years...

    I know it must be stressful, but the fact that the PSA has moved up a tiny bit could also mean that it'll remain fluctuating in a low range.

    All the best.