Gene therapy?

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The tumors in my liver are huge and they aren't colon cancer...Upper/lower/mid has a tumor 5.2x4.3x6.8cm and the lower right lobe has 12.7x5.1x4.9cm. When my liver was checked July2010 there was nothing. Currently my other organs seem to be tumor free though there is a node and some tiny spots on my lungs that haven't been identified.

Doc doesn't know what type of cancer I have and he says any of the ones I may have (bile duct, gall bladder, pancreatic) will take the same treatment/chemo chemical mix.

I'm worried that we should be looking for the best targeted therapy (need to know the cancer-type) and should look at my genes. The growth of these tumors are so fast that I think there may be a wild gene causing the fast growth and there are special things they need to do for that.

So, can anyone give me suggestions or reading resources about gene stuff? Also, any recommends for a good cancer doc in Utah for my second opinion?


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    Gene mutations
    Thank you for searching Graci...what you found is one factor I'm interested in, though it doesn't sound like I'd get to be involved in.

    The other thing I was thinking about I have seen mentioned in others treatment outlines here in the forums: gene mutations where the p53 tumor suppressor is gone and they use K-ras, HER2/neu, c-met in conjunction with chemo? I want to know more about you get tested and more about this factor in general?