I have been having seizures and was admitted to the hospital by the neurologist as they thought i was having a stroke. An EEG shows something is wrong in my left temple and it is causing seizures. My speech, my right arm, fingers, right eye, right foot, and the past few days my left hand is affected.

My most recent visit to the neurologist was very informative, but I can't remember everything they said. There was mention of some kind of "plasia" cells in the left temple. I am on anti seizure meds and have to get the seizures under control. Upon accomplishing that, the neuro wants to have a very intricate CT scan done of the are of the cells in the temple area which he said are "abnormal." I told him that I had some impact to that area of my head years ago. He said that was good news because the type of cells in the temple area may be cancerous, but significant trauma to the area might cause the type of cells rather than cancer. I've had CT and MRI scans and he said there are no tumors. So I am wondering if there are cells that are so small that they may not show as full-blown tumors yet? My seizures seem to be almost constant. They are "partial" seizures and are painful, but pretty frequent. My dosage needs to increase and seems to be having some effect. I am concerned about the cells. Does anyone know what the neuro may mean about the "plasia" cells and the zooming in on the temple area with the CT scan?

I can call him later in the week, but thought I'd see if anyone in this message room had any experience with this.