questions reg 2 rounds of WBR

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Hi everyone, I usually monitor and post on the Lung Cancer site, but thought I may be able to tap into someones expertise and experience here on this site. My wife was originally dx'd w/ stage IV nsclc in Sept 09, then further tests revealed mets to the brain ( 7 lesions) so they addressed that first w/ WBR.

After the WBR she went through 15 rounds of chemo and then just 3 weeks ago Sterotactic Radiation to address two of the original 7 lesions in the brain because a recent MRI showed they had become active and were once again growing. ALso, while preparing for the Sterotactic Radiation we discovered that the cancer had invaded three areas "inside" the spine. So they arranged for 15 rounds of Rad for the spine as well, which she finished 1 1/2 weeks ago.
The urgency to treat the brain and spine is obvious on many levels, but one more reason to address these tumors that have mets from the original Lung dx, is that she is in line for a clinical trial involving Crizotinib, but they wont begin the trial while there are active cancer mets outside the Lung.

We arrived at the cancer center this past Wednesday to begin the clinical trial and that is when we sensed something was wrong, could tell by the way the staff was acting. Anyway, they informed us that the other lesions in the brain had grown extremely fast since the last MRI..just 3 weeks prior. So of course the trial is off ( for now?) and since they are running out of options they began her second round of WBR this past Thurday and she is very weak now, and requires assistance doing just about everything these days. My question is... has anyone out there gone through two (2) rounds of WBR? and if so what can we expect?
The first round was back in Sept 09 so the treatmets will be approx 15 months apart.

Thanks to you all and good luck with your own battles.



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    I dont think that it's wise to get her through another round of WBR as she already went through WBR and SRS.. IF she goes through another WBR it could fry her brain.. I suggest you get another opinion it's too risky to put her on another round of WBR, 1 WBR is already enough to damage blood vessels and cells in the brain...AFAIK the brain can only tolerate 60gy of radiation. How many mets does she have on her brain? how big are they? if they measure 3cm or less and at least 4 mets then maybe you could have her treated with a gamma knife surgery.

    God bless and Will pray for your wife's healing.
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    I can only speak from what happened with my husband, who had a GRIV GBM. Nowing what I know now, I question whether having radiation was the best way to go with my husband. We were not given much hope when initially diagnosed. The radiation to the brain was very, very hard on him. I felt he was never the same after the radiation. I believe his quality of life would have been better for a longer period of time if we had looked at treatment to reduce the swelling (steroids) and perhaps started on avastin or temador immediately vs radiation to the brain for 6 wks. I think it is important to find out what do they hope to achieve by putting her through WBR again what they feel the risks will be, and what they feel the prognosis with and without WBR will be. Sorry for what you are going through. It is very difficult on all of you.