Just had a good scan report 6 months after surgery for stage III

HI everyone, I was diagnosed with stage III oesophageal cancer in Feb 2010, underwent Chemo, then surgery, then chemo. It has been 6 months since my surgery and 3 months since my last chemo treatment. Today I had another good report for my bone and CT scan. Is this a really good sign? Does anyone know the percentages for 6 months after surgery and reoccurrences? I feel pretty good with minor occurances of nausia after I eat, but I don't want to get to excited and would appreciate any input.
I am from Newfoundland, Canada and had my surgery done in Toronto, Ontario by Dr. Darling, who by the way was extremely competent and knowledgeable. I would recommend her to anyone considering this procedure in Canada.


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    Any good news is to be
    Any good news is to be enjoyed. MG
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    BMGky said:

    Any good news is to be
    Any good news is to be enjoyed. MG

    be glad
    Please be so glad of the clear scans, I was stage III with nodal involvement and it is now a year and 2 months since my surgery and still having clean scans. There are many like me on this board. You will find there are many more survivors out there they just don't write about esophageal cancer much so many times you will google and find old stats that are not true now with the aggressive treatments. So be happy, and I hope for you many more clean scans. Also for me it was a good 7 months after the Ivor Lewis surgery that I started getting my mojo back and if I eat too much I don't get nauseated, I just lose the meal so be careful with amounts. take care and congrats on the clear scans!!!
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    Hi, I had chemo, then
    Hi, I had chemo, then surgery in May 2008. I now have CT scans,chest x-ray, and barrium swallow, every six months. My results have been good!
    I know there can be a reccurance, but have learned one thing with this journey--Take today and enjoy it. I do get a little apprehensive when it's test time. I think that's only natural. I put all my trust in God. He knows what His plans are for me, and I have learned to accept it.
    So today I join you in celebrating. It is wonderful news! Some of the sweetest words to hear is " the test shows no cancer",
    My biggest side effect from surgery, is swallowing difficulty. I have already had three dilations. The last time, I did so well I thought my problems were over. Not to be--I have started once again with my food getting stuck. My gastrologists knows, and told me to let him know when I wanted the procedure done.It will be soon.
    So "DO" be excited. I'm in awe everytime I get a good report. It's like hearing it new for the first time.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you,