port trouble

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today i had my 2nd treatment of carbo taxol.
first half - carbo infusion went very well, i actully brought my computer and worked all the time - maybe it was my mistake as i worked out the muscle..

but when we have started taxol - it was not coming in and machine was beeping all the time
every 2 minutes
nurses have tried to change machines, chance tubing, eventually they even changed needle,
also they have put me almost flat in the bed and seems like that did the trick

i am glad that i was able to finish it, but now i am concern for the balance 4 treatments.

nurses recomended to have my chemo laying and not sitting, as they feel it depends on location it is in.
please let me know if you have heard of such problems

by the way - now it is pretty much official - my IP port - useless, it is too high , they do not have needle, they can order custom needle but it will need to be incerted by radiology every time, but main concern - infection,
so dr suggested not do anything now till i am on carbo/taxol
and see what will be result

thank you


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    ewww,,, that sounds creepy.
    ewww,,, that sounds creepy. I don't have a port, so I don't understand all the issues about a port, but do you have to have IV in an arm infusion now? or will they order the special needle?
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    My port worked
    well for me. The nurses always commented on how deep it was and they had to work a little to get the needle in. I experienced pain during my second to last infusion. It started gradually but escalated until I tearfully told my son I couldn't take it anymore. I stuck it out but was frightened for the next time. They gave me ativan for the next infusion and I basically slept through it. I didn't have the last infusion because my oncologist determined my body could not take the cisplatin anymore. I had ended up in the hospital twice during that period. But she said I had an adequate amount. The surgeon said the chemo I had post surgery was icing on the cake. An unusual metaphor but I hope he is right.