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Hi Everyone,

My name is Amanda and I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma five years ago. Thankfully, I am now doing very well!

This experience has inspired me to improve upon the treatment process from a patients point of view. One of the hardest times for me was the beginning of the treatment process when everything was so new and complicated. As a graduate student working on my thesis, I want to find a way to use graphic design as a way to reduce some of anxiety and overwhelming emotions of this horrific experience.

I was hoping to get some ideas, stories and opinions about people's first experiences with cancer. Were you bombarded with new information and paperwork? How did you deal with that? What kinds of information were you given? What kinds of things did you need to know right away (ie. medications, treatment type, etc.)? What did your hospital/treatment center do for your first appointment that you liked or disliked?

Sharing any information about how you felt or your first reactions during the beginning of your treatments would be helpful to my research!

Thank you so much in advance for your stories!



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    My Journey
    I blogged about my Journey @ http://lifeisgood2010.wordpress.com/

    Feel free to use whatever information you can from my blog to help write your thesis. If you have questions about any entry, just post on my blog and I'll provide you with more information if it will help others. Good luck with your thesis.
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    I was 34 in 1993 when DX with stage 4 NHL indolent. AS with most the shock and fear were overwhelming to say the least. Especially when I discovered that 75% of people DX'd are 65 or over. i was perhaps in the best shape of my life playing in two basketball leagues, just finished graduate School and was just promoted. I pretty much submerged myself into research to understand what i had, what to do and of course outcomes. i am a strong believer in knowledge is fundamental so I wanted to know and decide for myself the best options. At the time Rituxin was not approved so I did CHOP. The first two treatments were really unpleasant and the fear factor took a huge tick upward. If it were not for my wife and family and friends it would have been so much worse (a key ingredient). The biggest issue and what hurt the worst was the fact that there was a90% chance that CHOP would make me sterile. It did. My wife and I had been trying to concieve for nearly two years, including invitro at the time of DX. That is my most vivd memory and the most painful. I have now been through 4 treatments and as of today I am in complete remission. The internal psychological fight over the last 17 years has been a challenge but God willing I am still fighting. Hope this helps.