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Hi All,
Just a quick update, as promised. It has been a long day, got up at 5, surgery center at 7:30 and home at 2:30. Keith is resting/sleeping mostly. He wakes when the pain gets to bad, takes his meds and goes off to sleep again. Hopefully he will have a comfortable night. We have the ice therapy machine running, the dr said to keep it going 24/7.
I am going to make some soup for myself and then take Lola for a walk. I'll try to post again in awhile.
Thanks for your support and well wishes. You all are great!
Peaceful healing


  • allmost60
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    Hi Lisha,
    Thanks for the up-date on Keith. Sounds like the day was un-eventful and all went good. I sure wish I could have slept after my surgery! Pain pills have the reverse affect on me...make me hyper instead of sleepy..UGH! My first 4 days after surgery were the worst, and after that I was able to handle the bulky sling and finally able to get some sleep. The dang pain blocker combined with the oral pain pills had me wired like an 8 day clock. Glad to hear Keith is sleeping good! Much love...Sue (FNHL-2-3a-6/10)