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When I was in the hospital 2/9 for my liver resection I met a gentleman from out-of-state (from the midwest) that had come to MSK to have an HAI pump implanted. When he was originally diagnosed his liver was covered with mets and the doctors he met told him he would never be operable. So, he went to MSK for a second opinion and had the hepatic arterial infusion pump put in. About six months later he had a liver resection. The pump had worked so well that it made his liver operable and he had the surgery.

Fast-forward to today. He just got scan results and emailed to let me know that he is still NED and it has been 18 months of clear scans. I am so happy for him and I wanted to share his good news with the board.



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    Thank You
    Thank you Amy for sharing this gentleman's story and good news.

    It only goes to show that you have to keep on looking for the right answer for you when dealing with this disease.

    Everything is possible.


    Marie who loves kitties
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    Thanks for sharing such good news!
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    AnneCan said:

    Thanks for sharing such good news!

    Thats what this place is all about....sharing and caring...
    Thanks mom_2_3..Love to ya, Buzz