A loving Tribute

Sometimes our hearts are so full of desire to do something for someone that can make a difference in their lives. Somethings may be small, but make a difference. Somethings are huge, and require sacrifice on our part, and make a great impact!

Yesterday, in honor of what would have been our 30th anniversary, my beautiful niece invited me to be present, as she had her long hair cut. She was presenting me with her tribute to her Uncle by donating her hair to an organization that creates hair pieces for children cancer survivors!

Please check out pics on Expressions Gallery. I thank her from the bottom of my heart! What would have been a very sad day for me, she filled with love and honor!



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    Lucy, what a beautiful
    Lucy, what a beautiful tribute to your husband. It sounds like your niece is a wonderful person. My experience is that she did this because of the love she had for both you and your husband. And that, is a beautiful tribute to you both. Prayers and hugs.