Since Cancer haven't lost or gained weight

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Tonight, I cooked chicken, the whole trying to be healthy thing, deboned skinless breast of chicken. Well, I can't just cook chicken without adding to it, so what the heck. I've got a can of cream of chicken and thought that would look mighty fine in the oven with the chicken. Um, hmm, first let me state I fried the chicken for a couple of minutes on one side and a couple of minutes on the other side in BACON FAT, yep, uh huh. Then I put it in the baking pan, added the cream of chicken soup, and thought well, now it needs milk, so added some nice whole milk to it, (being cancer conscious it was Vitamin D milk). And after perculating it in the oven for a while, I peeked in, and thought, hmmm, this needs some CHEESE. So, I looked for some cheddar cheese in the fridge, couldn't find any, but I did find some Velveeta, so I added that into the mix. And let me tell you, it tasted DELICIOUS. It tasted so good, I was like, wow, I need more of that cream of chicken cheese sauce, but I was out of chicken. So what the heck, I peeled and sliced potatoes, fried them in the BACON grease, then put them in the cream of chicken velveeta cheese sauce and put them into the oven. With my style of cooking I'm NOT trying Boost. But I do think I finally solved the mystery as to why I haven't suffered a weight loss.
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    sounds yummy to me!
    I like your kind of cooking! :)
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    Creative cooking
    Creative cooking and I am not surprised given all your creative ideas you share here.

    As for the Boost, doesn't look like you are gonna need it.

    Glad that it seems you are doing so well so soon after your surgery.

    Keep up the good work and the great ideas.

    The other Marie
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    sounds heavenly, and it explains your weight
    not 100% sure its as healthy as I'd like, though it sure sounds tasty.