My husband is not bright

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I've had to wait almost 24 hours to share this, as I wanted to give Doug a chance to post on the H&N list:

Doug had his PET/CT scan last Tuesday and the ENT called with the results Friday. He said he sees no bright spots, which means no cancer large enough to be picked up by the scan.

He will still operate next Tuesday to remove the big cyst (the one in his neck that tipped us off originally - not the primary tumor, as that was in his tonsil and that was removed with a clean margin). He will also take a few nearby lymph nodes to check, but it will be a "partial" neck dissection (smaller than even a "modified" neck dissection) so we are hoping for not much (if any) loss of strength and mobility.

I was so happy when I got the news that I had to hide from my students for a few seconds while I cried. I know it's not over yet, and they could find some live cancer still in that cyst or in the lymph nodes, at which point we go back and do this all again. That part scares me still.

I'm also worried about even the partial dissection. He's worked so hard to get healthy again (and is still so weak - he dressed and skated during warm-ups with one of his teams last night and his legs are now killing him) that I hate to see him laid up with an operation - it will be a good two weeks recovering. On the other hand, we can't skip the operation - if it turns out that there are a few cells in there, it's better to get them now.

We celebrated the good news and are trying not to think about the rest. I had the first really good night's sleep I've had in months last night. Part of me just wants to freeze time and stay right here.


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    you are so funny
    You are so funny -- but we are all so happy that your husband is so dim.

    It was more than 10 years ago, but my father had all of the lymph nodes removed in his neck due to a rare and virulent cancer. At age 75 he recovered from the surgery well enough to travel and enjoy life.

    Hope things go equally well for you.
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    Good news is good news!

    I learned that so often in my prior life (prior to my husband's dx), good news had to mean everything and all was resolved. Since then I've learned that every bit of good news is that, good news!

    Revel and enjoy this!! Your heart needs to smile every so often!

    Here's hoping for good news after his surgery. And a GOOD recovery!

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    Great News!!

    So glad he's not bright. Hope the surgery goes well and there is NED. Keep a positive mental attitude.

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    praise the Lord and pass the sauce
    Thank God for dim bulbs - enjoy it.
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    praise the Lord and pass the sauce
    Thank God for dim bulbs - enjoy it.

    Think the lord for not being bright!!!
    Congrats! Enjoy!

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    LOL....mary, I thought you were going to report some bone-headed thing that your husband had done. glad to hear it was good news instead!
    Tell Dr. D I said "hello".
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    DrMary, That really is great
    DrMary, That really is great news; it's good to be not bright. Keep getting the sleep you need as you continue to move forward. I have a feeling that Doug will recoup quickly after the operation based on the good news.