Mom's UPSC just a day for venting

I have described my 78 year old mom's medical history in previous posts....since March 2008 she has had a hysterectomy, 2 operations to remove small metastatic spots of cancer in lung and liver, radiation, two series of chemo (Taxol, etc) then another round of Doxil, a quadruple bypass...and is watering her lawn and feeling fine as I write this! She looks, acts and feels much younger than her age. That's what is so frustrating. She wants to get on with her life but these annoying medical issues keep popping up.

She had a PET scan this week and disappointing news: there is still a small nodule on her left lung and another on her right lung and something the size of a peanut (2.5 cm) lighting up on her spine (thoracic area).

Doctors say it is unusual for UPSC to appear in spine so the spot may be bone degeneration or something else. She'll have an MRI next week. We will also meet with the same doc that removed the first left lung spot (Robert McKenna at Cedars Sinai, LA, a fantastic surgeon)

She apologized for crying when I talked to her on the phone last night. She is strong and stubborn. Won't join a support group (she lives 3 hours way from me). She wants to "get rid of the cancer" but the doctor told me it that UPSC will most likely be the cause of her death...but not today or even soon because she is really well. Mom probably has many years left but it doesn't feel like it right now. She has been through so much. Her oncologist says we will "manage" the illness and come up with a plan. She said mom might be able to take chemo pills so she wouldn't have to travel to LA for treatment. My family is grateful that the cancer has not reappeared in Mom's liver, abdomen or pelvic area. I know things could be worse.

I haven't read anything about UPSC traveling to the bones or spinal area. And I haven't found much info about lung metastasis. Is it common? Has anyone ever experienced UPSC in lungs or spine and gotten rid of it? Are chemo pills effective? I know all my questions will be answered by the doctor next week but I am impatient for information.

Thanks for letting me vent.