2nd Line treatment questions

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I am on my 2nd line treatment of carboplatin & doxil. I only had a 4 month remission with the taxol. Could anyone tell me if there will be hair loss or any differant side effects with this combination of drugs? My hair is just starting to come back & I don't know whether to have it styled , if I'm going to lose it again why bother. Thanks for your help you ladies have so helpful.


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    hair loss
    I didn't experience hair loss with either doxil or carbo/ although I didn't have then together (doxil alone, then gemzar/carbo). There have been many posts about doxil and it's side effects/ and how to avoid some of them. I would suggest that you scroll back to some earlier postings for some of that info, but if you can't find what you need, I'd be happpy to share my experiences. Best of luck with your new treatments.... may you kick those CA-125's to the curb!
    (((HUGS))) Maria
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    You have a really good chance of keeping your hair!
    I had Doxil and Carboplatin, but both as single agent chemos back-to-back. When I started on Doxil I was COMPLETELY bald from 17 rounds of taxol just prior. My hair actually grew back in while on Doxil and continued to grow when I next went on Carboplatin. It's still very thin, but I was starting from super-bald. I think you have an excellent chance of keeping your hair. I'd make that styling appointment and enjoy it!

    Another note: my lashes grew in on the Doxil doubly thick with a shorter straight fringe of lashes mixed in with a lot of long curly lashes. When I started the carboplatin, the long curly lashes all started falling out, but the shorter straight ones stayed in. I've been totally taxol-bald 3 separate times now, and every time it grows back differently. But I think you'll keep your hair for this combo. (((( Pat))))