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Hi Ladies,

I have been lurking around here for awhile and just couldn't get myself to post, as it is made it seem more real. I have seen all of the support you provide one another and feel I certainly could benefit (by both being supported and supporting).

My mom (age 73) was diagnosed in March/April 2009 with Stage 2C OVCA. She never has any symptoms and "bloating" was discoverd during her annual exam, which then turned about to be cancer. She had surgery and chemo and responded well. After surgery her CA125 was down to 5 and stayed low during and after chemo (Carbo/Taxol). She completed treatment September 2009 and was NED.

She has been feeling great and at her last check up her CA 125 double and further tests revealed that the beast is back and is in some nodes in her abdomen. Her doctor has recommended she do Carbo/Taxol again or a clinical trial of Carbo/Taxol/Avastin. She had been NED for over a year. She has never really felt sick and tolerated Carbo/Taxol just fine. What would you ladies do? At this point there does not seem to be a reason not to enroll in the trial. It is a random trial, so she may or may not get the Avastin.

I appreciate all of your time and advice. This is certainly not a place anyone wants to be, but knowing one is not alone is of extreme comfort.


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    I'd follow the doctor's recommendations. I'm still on the fence about Avastin - I took it with carbo/taxol, but I'm not sure I'm comfortable with the enduring side effects given the latest news about it. But I've read about ladies who have been on it for years and are doing great. I think an advantage to the trial is that your mom will get a break with costs.
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    I can empathize
    First, let me say "Welcome." I waited for a long time before posting here too. It has really helped me get out all of the feelings I've been bottling up inside. This community is like online ipecac - sometimes I bawl, sometimes I'm comforted. It is a welcome release.
    My mom's story is very similar. (Discovery of numerous tumors in her abdomen, came back with a vengeance).

    Have any of the doctors mentioned Topotecan?

    My thoughts are with you and your mother. This community is a great resource.
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    Similar to me
    I'm having a recurrence after being in remission for about 1 year as well. I'm back on 6 rounds of carbo/taxol along with a research trial for the antibody named Morab. I have numerous tumors in my abdomen, 7 are large enough to track. Next ct scan is in a few weeks so I'm hoping the chemo is doing it's job and shrinking those @&$).
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    carb and avastin
    My mother just finished 8 rounds of carbo and avastin for recurrence. She was diagnosed in Feb 09, this was 2nd recurrence. Her hair thinned a bit but she didn't lose it, and bad things that showed on her PT went away and her CA125 went down. The avastin has some bothersome side effects, like runny nose, but at age 80 she did miraculously well. It bought her a little time, but she still feels like crap.