Waiting on an Angel

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wow...was cruising youtube yesterday. (music is my saving grace for everything!!) found a song by Ben Harper called Waiting on an Angel. OH MY....it is so very appropriate. i cried for a long time.....sitting there listening with tears streaming down my face. it's awesome....check it out.


  • Hopeful720
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    Music is my saving grace, too...
    and Ben Harper is in my top 3 artists of all time. Listen to the music he plays with Fistful of Mercy, too, and also a member of that band Joseph Arthur's song "In the Sun". He says it is a prayer for someone who has passed away. "I picture you in the sun..."

    Thank you for posting about this particular song though, because you are right - it is so very appropriate, and it is exactly what I need to hear from right now... I am crying just thinking of the lyrics in my head. I think this is a good thread - to discuss songs that are helping us breathe a little easier throughout the day.

    Thank yo again - sharing music is such a great way to support each other, too.

    My prayers are with you,