Was scanned Monday.....I feel the tension...man what a ride!

Hey...done this before....had good ones and bad ones...

Wow....waiting is a stressful time for me....

Should know tomorrow or Friday....

OH Well.....

Your FrieninPenn


  • AnneCan
    AnneCan Member Posts: 3,673 Member
    Best wishes
    Best wishes for great results. Please let us know.
  • tootsie1
    tootsie1 Member Posts: 5,044 Member
    I'm praying you get great results, and that you get them tomorrow! Waiting is definitely the pits.

  • hopeforcure49
    hopeforcure49 Member Posts: 111
    I know it can be stressful
    Try too keep busy. Do something fun. Keep your mind of the results. This is what I say to myself... the scan is done, what is there or not is there or not. I know God will decide for me. Will it make a difference if I found out the results sooner or later. NO! stress is always there. I hope this helps. Just stay strong, positive and pray for the best results. I'll pray for you, Good Luck...Blessings from Lourdes
  • pete43lost_at_sea
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    go for a run,, a walk or a swim
    that type of stress i think is really bad
    goodluck with the result
  • PhillieG
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    Good Old


    Try to keep busy. Hope you have good results
  • Erinb
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    I hope you have good
    I hope you have good results.