PSA results after Dec. 15 surgery

Received my first PSA results after my DaVinci Surgery six weeks ago: PSA = .03. Next PSA will be in 3 months. Doctor mentioned option of adj radiation or waiting to see the next PSA result. He supported waiting rather than pursuing radiation now. Any thoughts on this are appreciated.

I'm very happy with today's results and will celebrate after this damn ice storm is over in the northeast.

Thanks to everyone on this site for your support.


  • Kongo
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    Hi, Will. Thanks for sharing your numbers and I agree with you that waiting is the smart thing to do at this point only six weeks out of surgery. A PSA of 0.03 is very low following surgery and some of that may be coming from residual prostate gland cells that are still recovering from the surgical procedure. I think those are very good numbers! Hope you get to celebrate soon...just don't go out and bust any newly healed scars shoveling your driveway so you can head to the liquor store for the bottle of champagne!