Uterine Chat Tonight Wednesday In The Uterine Chat Room 8:00 PM CST


Would like to invite everyone to chat in the chatroom TONIGHT at 8:00 pm CST, in our own new "uterine" chatroom. Yah!!!! We have our own room to chat now ladies.

To get there, follow these steps..........

At the same spot you usually click on to get to the discussion boards under "Member Connect" click on "chatrooms" instead of "discussion boards."

Sign in like you normally would......

Then under "Connected" section click on "chatrooms"

Click "rooms" tab

Double click on "uterine"

You will then see your user name in the column on the far right. There is a space for typing at the bottom of the page. Just click your mouse in that line and type your sentences and hit enter, and we can all chat live online.

Now that we have our own chatroom feel free to click into it any time of day.

But we thought it would be fun to try to get a bunch of people to sign on Wednesday evenings at 8:00 pm CST.

Hope to see you all there!!!!!!!!

Please note: Do NOT click on "Lobby" tab-that is for general chat, all cancers.