Thrilled with this invention!! :)

I don't know how many are like me with severe arthritis, pretty much everywhere. The worst places seem to be my knees (most common), my feet (who knew?) and my lower back. There are other joints but those three areas are the worst. Chemo, especially the oxy aggravated the arthritis so fast that I think it aged the arthritis by 10 years (IE: where I am at with arthritis right now, if it hadn't been for the chemo, I probably wouldn't have felt it to this degree for another 10 years or more).

Anywho... on with the story. The days of soaking in a nice, long, hot luxurious bubble bath are long over. Can't bend the knees to get down into the tub, let alone get out of the tub. So, it's a life time of lovely, hot showers with wonderful shower gels, soaps and potions. No problem... showers can be just as relaxing. But where I do have a problem is washing my feet!! Oh sure... I have a handheld shower head so I can bring it down to my feet and force the water between my toes, but to lift my foot up, or to scrub them with a brush or loofa... it just isn't going to happen. I can't bend my knee (either one) enough to reach my foot. And having a sponge bath for my feet after/before a shower just isn't the same thing. What to do, what to do. I do go fairly often for pedicures, so my feet do get looked after BUT I want to be able to deal with them every time I have a shower!

Voila!! A cheap and wonderful invention, that I saw during an insomnia night with one of those "As seen on TV" infomercials! It sounded so simple... and yet, it might be a huge answer to my problem!

A foot bath shoe and spa invention. It's like a flip-flop sandal, that has suction cups on the bottom so it stays in one place in the tub. The foot pad and underneath of the sandal top has soft massaging bristles. In the top of the sandal are holes where you put your liquid soap/shower gel/lotion... and it goes through to the bristles, of which you place your foot in and swish it around in the bristles. SOOOO simple and yet effective!!

Rats! I tried to put pics up, but the html coding didn't work... back to the drawing board ;)



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    Haha... cheaper to buy online :D
    Hey, that's what I can do... find the online link! Duh!

    Here it is:

    And the funny thing (good thing!) is they work!! I love them! :D

    Kathy... you and I are just going to have to meet one of these days! I actually like Capilano Mall. It's smaller than the ones downtown and the parking is much better than downtown.... so it's just a hop skip and jump through the park and over the bridge. Granted, the north end of the bridge is a pain in the butt what with all the road construction. I also love Park Royal Mall... but I'm forever getting stuck in traffic to get back over the bridge... and the old arthritis hates sitting in bumper to bumper traffic ;)