Just checking in and Venting

Well I relized how this cancer has made me bitter and how it changes your life. first I relized how you live week to week. one week all i do is lay around and sleep. And the next week all I do is try to catch up on all the stuff i did/t do. Second thing I relized is that is an up hill battle when u get cancer. With chemo, sideffects, money, insurances , medicines. I lose my medical insurace on the 28 and I have to find some so I can finish my treatment. And Third I relized I am getting mean, I yelled at this poor lady on the phone last night she called to ask me to donate money for breast cancer and I told her at this time I could not . And she would not take no for an answer and I kinda snapped and said I have colon cancer and Im loseing mu insurance and maynot be able to finish my chemo. Now I feel really bad... And I now found out that our wealfare office has medican ****. for women who have breast cancer. WHAT ABOUT US!!!!!! Sorry just venting..


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    We have all been there!
    Vent away! I know the feelings you are going through except the insurance thing. That has to just add the "final touch". It just pisses me off that people are able to lose their insurance and have to fight to get help.

    It has been 4 months now since my last treatment....I am still tired, still fighting with docs and ready to kill somebody! ( no I don't own a gun....my bare hands might do! Just kidding, but it has been one of those weeks)

    My sister is a breast cancer survivor and my brother has just been diagnosed with a very rare and deadly cancer. Man does this stuff get around!!! Our mother died from complications of undiagnosed Lymphomia ( MRSA ) All cancers need equal funding/research and all patients deserve to have treatments regardless of income or insurance!

    I hope that you get your treatments....I have been so busy feeling sorry for myself lately instead of being happy that I am done with the Folfox.

    I am hoping for the best for you.

    Take Care,

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    Any chance you can get Cobra?
    Where did you have your insurance? If it was part of a Group plan, then you might be able to continue through Cobra. (I'm an insurance broker, and know lots of the ropes.) I'll PM you with my contact information, if you want to call. I'm not in this to sell you insurance, but I might be able to point you to some options.

    As for your venting to the fundraiser; I do it all the time. My standard script: "I'm sorry, but I'm not donating to breast cancer right now. I have a rare cancer myself, and any extra money goes to attempting to find a treatment or cure for my cancer. Would you care to donate?" Once you tell people you have cancer, it tends to shut down the call requesting money.

    Yes, WHAT ABOUT US!!! I get tired of everything pink as well (and my mother had breast cancer twice - we didn't get on the pink band-wagon. She's fine.)
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    unknown said:

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    3 more to go

    3 more to go
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    Vent away
    Sorry you have had a rough time.
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    braelee2 said:

    3 more to go

    3 more to go

    woo hoo
    on only 3 more to go Natalie. Hang in there and feel free to vent whenever you need to.
    I remember when I was first dx'd and was thinking of going back to California. Because I had no insurance I was checking out the medical system and county and State programs and I too was angry to read that breast cancer qualified for state aid but no other cancers (unless you were a under 18 years old) qualified. Just seems so unfair.
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    You were justified
    I think that lady should have quit when she was ahead. You said you couldn't at this time. She should have accepted it and moved on. And I know breast cancer is rough and a lot of women (and some men) have it, but there are other kinds of cancer. I agtee it would be nice if people paid attention to some of the other types!

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    tootsie1 said:

    You were justified
    I think that lady should have quit when she was ahead. You said you couldn't at this time. She should have accepted it and moved on. And I know breast cancer is rough and a lot of women (and some men) have it, but there are other kinds of cancer. I agtee it would be nice if people paid attention to some of the other types!


    Hey girl...so glad you checked in!!! I have been wondering what was going on with you. Best of luck with everything. Take care.

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    As of last week I found out I get to pay a deductible of 845.00 each and every month starting February 1st. Not bad, but considering my income is 1200.00, and I'm the only one with an income, it sure isn't good.
    So I understand your need to vent.
    And as for the Breast Cancer donation I got that call a couple of weeks after I got home from surgery. I told her quite firmly, that I had just gave up 36 percent of my liver, 2 feet of my colon and a bit of ureter to cancer, I think that was quite a large donation to "cancer" and I couldn't really afford to give much more. She was very polite and kind and didn't ask for another dime.
    And yes, we need OUR cancer out there in the everyday public, we're just sort of invisible.
    Winter Marie
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    Sorry to hear
    I know how you feel, but there is always something to be found around the corner. Don't give up, keep your chin high.... Here in Texas the have what is called Hippa insurance, kinda like Cobra, but cheaper. Look into it. Some states provide this. and maybe where you are recieving your chemo they can help your apply for assistance. They did for me and helped me pay my out of pocket for this year. I was very fortunate my employer had a Picc committee that helped pay part of my salary and insurance for 2 months until I got my Longterm disability. I returned to work partime and still collect my employers partial disablitiy. And I was able to keep my health insurance. Try to think of other options. I'm sure have, but don't give up there has too be something outthere. Blessings from Lourdes
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    glad you vented
    Hi Braelee,

    I'm glad you came here to vent- everyone needs to vent, or we'd just explode! Yeah, I've dealt with the lady calling for breast cancer donations too. I just told them I have colorectal cancer and I donate to that. She was then polite and wished me the best and hung up. My 10 yr old daughter had to write an essay last year in the 4th grade about what she would want to change in the world. I didn't even know about it, but when I went in for open house in the spring I saw hers on the wall with the others. Having apparently heard me vent about this subject before, she took it to heart and wrote about how her mom has colon cancer and how she doesn't think it's fair that breast cancer gets all the attention and money, and that other cancers need to get attention and money too, because people are dying from them. I was surprised to see it up there, but was proud too.

    I'm sorry about the insurance situation you're in- so lousy. I wish I could be of more help to you in that area, but whatever you do don't give up. Also know that if your insurance coverage does end up lapsing, that most companies allow no more than a 60 day lapse in coverage before no one else will accept you based on the "more than 60 days of a lapse in coverage", so you will have to work quickly and definitely get coverage before that amount of time. I believe that's standard for the companies in all states. I don't know why it would matter to them about that, but it apparently does. Others had some suggestions, hopefully something will work out for you.

    Hang in there- things may be rough for a while, but there's gotta be a light shining ahead somewhere.