Asparagus Not good for reconnection or Ileo

Kerry S
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Last night the scary old woman cooked up some asparagus as a veg with dinner. Talk about your MPS all night. It was still getting me at 4 pm. Not good. Ask my buddy Brooks. He blew out a ileo bag with asparagus.

As you all know we live deep in the Missouri woods. We have been busy all day hunkering down for this ice/snow storm. The snow is not a problem. It is the ice that puts the trees into the power lines. No power - no water for the toilets from the well.

So you have me with my poop problems and her with crohns poop problems. Both need a toilet a lot.

We not be stupid, we fill up the tub with water so we can dip a bucket into it for flushing.
We normally keep a 1/5 of a cord of firewood in the garage for heat and emergency cooking on the woodstove. Now have that 5th and I filled up the Kubota also this morning it is also in the garage.

We could be snow bound for 3 or 4 days. I can get the snow off our ¼ mile road to the county road with my tractor in a very short time. It’s a big 4X4 tractor with the snow blade on it now. The county road is the question mark. This is the first time I wished we had a 4 wheel drive car or truck. Hell, let it snow, let is snow, let it snow.



  • Lovekitties
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    Dear Kerry,

    Sounds like when this storm is passed you need to order up one of those chemical johns they have for hunting huts.

    Good to know you are prepared for whatever comes.

    You and the lovely wife take care and be safe out there in the wilds!


    Marie who loves kitties
  • herdizziness
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    No outhouse??? LOL. I was raised in Alaska, in the girls room, we had a wooden toilet frame that had a toilet seat on it, underneath was a coal bucket. In the middle of the night instead of going out to the outhouse (which was behind the kids house past the brothers rooms, which was quite some distance)we would use that "bathroom". I didn't use it that often, rather run through the snow to the outhouse as I hated emptying it, which consisted of lifting up the wood lid, removing the coal bucket, trying not to spill it and emptying it the next morning into the outhouse.
    Ahhh, the good old days.
    Winter Marie
  • lisa42
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    Funny... the only day this past week that I had a really bad digestive upset with gas and diarhhea was on the day that I cooked asparagas! Hmmm... I LOVE asparagas- maybe not anymore, though, lol!!