Need advise about doxil, carboplatin treatment

6kats Member Posts: 12
This will be my 3rd treatment this week of carbo/doxil. I got the usual side effects mentioned here. Mouth sores, and blisters but also around the second week in my tougue and lips swell up making it hard to even get down the meds to help with this let alone any food. Other than ensure. etc. Have any of you had this? So far this lasts for around 8 days before I can get real food down. They slowed down my Doxil last time but did not seem to help. This my second round of chemo for OVC (first IP in 2009) The good news My CA 125 dropped to 22. It's never been lower than the 60s since I have been in treatment.
So happy with that but would appreciate some input before weds treatment this just don't seem the way to go for the next 6 months. So many have it sooo much harder with this I hate to sound like a big Baby :)